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How to Lose Weight When in College or University

It is not a surprise to many people how, upon entering university, you gain weight as more likely, thye have experienced it too. There are a few who don’t as they may be university players, or they are not really much into eating, or they are really active, or it is because they won the genetic lottery which is they eat any food they want, no matter how many they want, without needing to exercise. For ordinary, regular students, however, it is not the case. There are a lot of things that factor in as to why you gain weight in this moment of their life.

The following may be the reasons why you gain weight during university.

  • Since you are out of your parents’ place already and they are giving you allowance every week where your expenses are not necessarily monitored, you buy any food you want and that is mostly fast food as it is a quick and easy grab.
  • You tend to not have enough sleep because you have to study hard for exams, you have to meet deadlines, or you have university activities. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain because lack of sleep slows down metabolism and it makes you have more reason to eat because you tend to get hungry and crave,
  • You spend most of your time seated. During class, while reviewing, while waiting for time,weight loss - healthy life style
  • You tend to skip breakfast because you have to rush to your class. Because of that, you are most likely hungry after classes and when you eat, you usually eat very quick as you do not have much time for leisurely eating,
  • Nonstop parties. The alcohol, the chips, the greasy foods,
  • Other reasons.

With that kind of lifestyle, it really is easy to gain weight but shedding the pounds off might be challenging. The good thing is, it would be challenging but, it is still very much possible.

Here are a few things you can do for you to lose weight when in university.

Avoid Alcohol

Parties are very common when you are in the university. It may be an organization party, a dorm party, a sorority of fraternity party, or just a regular class party after a successful examination. When we say party, it means alcohol, chips, barbecue. These parties are even during the evening until early in the morning. So, with those types of food you can see in the party, and you have to factor in taking those foods during night time, it is really going to make you gain weight if you do partying on a multiple times a week or weekly basis.

Shop for your food. No to fast food

It is true that foods from McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or any favorite go to fast foods are delicious and very convenient to have, it is also very unhealthy. Studies have already shown that when a person regularly eats from fast food restaurants, they gain several pounds in just two weeks. To avoid going for these kinds of food, shop for your food instead. Buy fruits and vegetables that have high fiber content, and go as well for eggs, oats, muesli, yogurt, fiber-rich breads, and even proteins like fish, chicken breasts, and beef.

For tips on what you can have for breakfast so that you can easily be guided on what you can shop that can help you lose weight, click here

If you want to lose weight through juicing vegetables and fruits as your breakfast because it is nutritious and very easy to prepare, click here for recipes.

Join any University Sports Team

There are a lot of sports club you can join. Some may require tryout for you to get in while others don’t. Joining teams will help you lose weight because they will require you to be fit and active on a regular basis. It means regular activities and meet ups and regular exercises. You just have to find the right sports team for you.

Go to the Gymgum workout

If you cannot join any sports activities in the university because you cannot find any event there where you can fit your skills in, you can go to the gym instead. Some dormitories have gyms so maximize that. If your dormitory or your apartment building does not have a gym, go to the nearest one near you. While weight trainings and treadmills are great, you can also go for cardio classes like zumba or aerobic classes they offer there because it is usually more encouraging to get on it if you do stuff with other people.

You can add a bit of support to your boosting active lifestyle by adding protein shake as part of your diet. For easy to make, tasty protein shake recipes, click here.

No to Sodas or artificially flavored drinks

These drinks contain a lot of sugar that highly contributes to weight gain. Studies have also shown how when they tested a few people by having them drink soda every day without changing their diet and routine for a couple of weeks, they gained seven to ten pounds. The sinfully delicious frapuccinos from your favorite coffee shop where you also study should also be avoided. Just go for ordinary coffee or better yet, go for tea, if you want a caffeine boost.

Track your Fitnessiphone health app

iPhone has its health app that tracks down the number of steps you take, the number of kilometers you walked, the number of flights you climbed. If your phone does not have this feature, or you do not have a sports watch which also has the same feature, you can download an application. Usually, when you see your progress, you will most definitely become much more dedicated to becoming fit.


Beloved students, let’s stay fit and let us not always use the hectic student life as an excuse or as a reason as to why you are gaining weight.

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